"An artist has to disregard opinion that is not based on the intelligent observation of natural characteristics.
He must beware of the attitude of the hack writer that so often makes the painter stray from his true path
- the concrete study of nature - and become lost in vague speculation."

     Paul Cézanne

These remarkably topical comments resonate like a deadly echo in the sidereal void
of present-day art.

Alert to the public mood, the CORIANNE gallery is pursuing its search for "the intelligent observation
of natural characteristics" in works painted by artists. In choosing our paintings,
we are guided by two basic principles, namely highly sensitive treatment of the subject together
with a harmonious use of colour.

Such discriminating choice uncovers other artists for you to experience, among them :

- Emmanuel Charles Bénézit ( 1887-1975 ), who has long remained in the shadow of his father,
   the compiler of the famous dictionary of painters.

- Javier CLAVO (1918 - 1994), a magnificent body of work based on contemporary Spain
   and preserved for posterity in most Spanish museums.

- Marcel ARNAUD (1887 - 1956), former curator at the Granet museum, and one who will haunt
   the steps of Cézanne, the master artist of Aix-en-Provence.

And since art operates in an international sphere, we are continuing along our canvas-strewn path
in partnership with
and through European events such as the Watercolours and Drawings Fair.

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