L'espoir de vie
Fruits et legumes
The Hope of Life
Dim: 162 x 130 cms
Fruits and Vegetables on blue tablecloth
Dim: 116 x 89 cms
Livres autour de 3 statues
LE concert vert
Books(pounds) around 3 statues
Dim: 130 x 162 cms
The Green Concert
Dim: 73 x 92 cms
Le cheval-homme
La priere
The Horse Man
Dim: 73 x 31 x 38 cms - Tan 1/1
The Prayer
Dim: 183 x 82 x 60 cms - Tan 1/1

Martine Martine

Oil on canvas


Few artists achieve renown and recognition in their lifetime. Martine Martine is a painter, draftsman, sculpture, ceramic artist who refuses to choose any one discipline, but rather makes the most of the complementarity of them all.

Born in Troyes, where her father was an informed collector, she inherited his fascination for art. Forced to flee the Nazi oppression, the family took refuge in Valencay, the artistic ground zero of occupied France, then, during the Liberation, Martine Martine moved to Bréviandes, to a vast family home, where she was privileged to meet with Derain, Martinot, Dunoyer de Segonzac and many others.

She then moved to Paris, from Académie Julian to La Grande Chaumière. She met Léon there, and they are still together. Since her first exhibition in 1956 on rue de Seine, where her canvas "Bouquet in a studio" was purchased by the Albi Museum, she has constantly enjoyed success in her work.

In her enormous studio, every morning, Martine Martine puts on her mythical white coat and lets herself go in her eloquent, sacrificial, syncopated images with multitudes of blues, carmines, browns and greens, a vibrant primal cry.

She loves to state that "I am no longer a painter of happiness but a painter of my time, translating melancholy and distress, while allowing tomorrow's hopes to filter through".

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