Anne RiviereAnne Rivière

Huile sur toile
Oil on canvas


Born at La Rochelle on 11 October 1962, Anne Rivière, from "Saintonge" origins, felt a need to paint when she was particularly young, as if it were "the external expression of an internal need", much like Kandinsky.

Drawing her inspiration from countries of light and contrast, where she loves to walk and observe everyday life, Anne Rivière has developed a particularly rich style of painting, with the cleanest of lines.

Her pictorial expression is imprinted with energy, rhythm and color, endowing her images with strength, emotion and sensuality.

Her artistic research has prompted her to grasp the undefinable and fleeting instant to restore the emotional impact that connects beings; each painting is individually imprinted with this spirit.

A sentence by Sorkine summarizes the path that brings her works into being "I know nothing about my mind, my hands obey my soul".

Anne Rivière is a member of the French Artists Exhibition Society, and her paintings have won several awards at the "Arts-Inter" Exhibition in Aix-en-Provence.

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