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Instante malva
OC - 124 x 95 cm
AcC - 51 x 81 cm
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Ventana al sol
OC - 100 x 81 cm
Bodegon de la Bandeja
AcC - 54 x 81 cm
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Bodegon azul
OC - 60 x 81 cm
Bodegon rojo negro
AcC - 130 x 195 cm

Zinnia Clavo

Oil on canvas

Zinnia, a botanical name for an artist of illustrious origins, devotes her activities to nature and uses colors as if they were musical scales.

Zinnia's botanical poetry has little to do with the classical definition of landscapes or the traditions perpetrated by Spanish garden painters.

Zinnia Clavo, whose pure blues and mauves, an illuminated and vibrant combination in her compositions, could have been referred to by Ramon Jiménez, who writes and paints for "the immense minority".

Zinnia draws this genetic sensitivity from her father, Javier Clavo, an integral artist, and sometimes underscores her differences in her knowledge of the contemporary classics, acquired during her work as philosophy and literature student.

During a stay in Krakow, where she studied the fine arts, she established close collaboration with the Jagiellonski University, and the Sztuk Piekny Academy of Krakow, where her first group exhibitions were held.

Her paintings breathe light and music, her lines are like a wing brushing over her canvas. In a Proust-like creative process, she reinvents springtime bouquets breathing in the first rays of light that flood the greenhouse, through the garden window, sketching green and yellow spaces that breathe their freshness. Each of Zinnia's canvases is flooded with pure light, like the first mornings of the world. She takes us on a journey through this captivating maze, so that we can almost hear the colors sing.

Translated from the Spanish
Original text by Marino Gomez-Santos

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